90th Tree Appreciation Walk, @ Heritage Garden in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai Sunday 21st January,2018

Dear Friends,

The Shishir ritu, the gentle thief of colors, came silently in the nights and took away all the colors around us……..leaving a blanket of winter chill, engulfed one & all.
But not for long……..as the Sun moves to change and realign its position on celestial path nudging the earth to show some colors…….the mood of the Gods are changing too………..they sends Rituraj Vasant to fill the earth with vibrant colorful flowers………it is said that color of every species of flowers have a meaningful message hidden in it and the flowers themselves have a language of their own………. the white fragrant flowers of Champa may send a signal of pure, honest, thoughtful love but combined with red color roses it offer a promise of adventure & excitement wrapped in mystery. Yellow color flowers of Ramdhan Champa (Ochana kirki) offers a hand of friendship & compassion but later changes it’s shape into Mickey Mouse becoming a child like and promoting innocence… scent of flowers of Palm trees carried all around by the gentle breeze…… profusely flowering of Champagne Palm (Hyophorbe lagenicaulis), the unique American Oil Palm (Attalea cohune), Thatch Palm (Thrinax parviflora)
Such is the scene in Heritage Garden in Hiranadani Powai…….we invite you all take a colorful Tree Apppreciation Walk in there on 21st January,18 at 7.30am.
The 90thth walk is on Sunday 21st January,18
Venue: Heritage Garden in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai
Time: 7.30 am
Duration of walk: 2 hours
Driving direction to the garden:
There are 3 municipal gardens in Hiranandani Powai, we are going to take walk in Heritage Garden, unfortunately this name is not mentioned anywhere on the gate of the garden. It is on Cliff Avenue between Heritage Towers & Verona buildings and opposite Glen Towers. All the three building are quite famous in that area.
From IIT main gate or Andheri (E) stn or Ghatkopar (W) stn Bus 392 i.e. 392 between Andheri (E) stn and Ghatkopar (W) goes via Hirnandani Gardens.
Rickshaw: from IIT Main Gate to Pizza – Galleria – D’Mart – Heritage Tower bldg which is one sideof our Heritage Garden, next to Verona and opposite Glen Towers on Cliff Avenue.
List of the trees will be send later.
Hope to see you all.

TAW Team

Tree Appreciation Walks Mumbai


no Common Name Botanical Name Family Origin
1 Hongkong Orchid Bauhinia x blaknea Fabaceae  
2 Long John/Ant Tree/Mulato tree Triplaris surinamensis Polygonaceae Surinam
3 Dwarf Natal Coral Tree Erythrina humeana Fabaceae Africa
4 Silver Palm Bismarkia nobilis Arecaceae Madagascar
5 Coconut Cocos nucifera Arecaceae  
6 Broom Grass Thysanolaena maxima Poaceae Nepal,India
7 Fiji Fan Palm Pritchardia pacifera Arecaceae Tonga
8 Micky Mouse Plant Ochna kirki Ochnaceae S.Africa
9 Manila Palm Adonida merrillii Arecaceae Phillipines
10 Glow Vine Saritaea magnifica Bignoniaceae Columbia ,Equador
11 Bugadi Ardesia sp? solanaceae Myrsinaceae India
12 Rudraksh Elaeocarpus sphaericus Elaeocarpaceae India
13 King’s Mantel Thunbergia erecta Acanthaceae Africa
14 Champagne Palm Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Arecaceae Mascarene
15 Chinese Fan Palm Livistonia chinensis Arecaceae China
16 Ribbon Palm Livistonia decipiens Arecaceae Australia
17 Maya Palm/American oil palm Attalea cohune Arecaceae Mexico C.America
18 Fish Tail Palm Caryota urens Arecaceae India
19 Clustering Fish TailPalm Caryota mitis Arecaceae India
20 Coontie Zamia pumila Zamiaceae United States


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