Authentic Rajasthani Handicrafts at affordable prices in mumbai @ nariman point 17th -22nd jan 2018

Visit us at Kamalnayan Bajaj Hall, Nariman Point, Mumbai from 11:00AM-07:00PM, 17th January-22nd January 2018.

Authentic Rajasthani Handicrafts at affordable prices, Approximately 70% of the income generated through such initiatives is funnelled back to the artisans.

Tilonia-305816, Via Madanganj
District Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
+91 (0)1463 288210 or +91 (0)1463 288351
9am – 5pm

The Barefoot College began promoting rural craft to address these problems of under-employment. Assistance in improving designs and techniques, creation of marketing outlets, and access to credit have helped to restore and create new income opportunities for craftsmen and women. Training and materials provided by the College also enabled women to work from home, helping them to generate income from craft.

These rural artisans produce clothing and accessories, decorative home furnishings, furniture, rugs, textiles, handmade paper products, puppets, educational toys, metalwork, and leather goods. The crafts are sold through retail shops and exhibitions held in metropolitan cities of India, Europe, USA and Canada.