collaborative project “Periods in Pune” direct response to the lack of female opportunity within Contemporary dance whilst also highlighting female issues.

Dear Binti- team,

My name is Laura Vanhulle and I am the Artistic Director of Vanhulle Dance Theatre. A Birmingham based company that focusses on Women’s Rights issues through Contemporary Dance in an industry still dominated by Male Choreographers;

“It’s 14 years since a woman was commissioned to create a main-stage ballet at the Royal Opera House. If this were true of women playwrights at the National Theatre, or female artists at the Tate, there would be outrage. But at the flagship institution of British dance, the omission has escaped public notice. As it did last summer when the Royal Ballet and the National Gallery launched a collaboration namedMetamorphosis: Titian 2012. Of the 15 artists and choreographers involved, none was a woman. An ironic decision, given that the subject was the goddess Diana, the personification of feminine power.”

Having already been selected to showcase my previous short contemporary film at the Women In Dance Leadership Conference in New York, I am reaching out to you in the hopes of a fresh collaboration with my next project.

I have teamed up with EntreprenHER Productions – a digital based platform who’s ethos of female based stories is in conjunction with my own, to create Titan Diana’s – a metaphor for the lack of female contemporary exhibitions in our industry and to showcase the strength of Women around the world.
We also teamed up with Sonia sabri of Sonia sabri Company (Who uses Kathak and fusion of different dance styles and focuses on story-telling)

EntreprenHER Productions is an award winning production company built from the foundations that “Between 2007-2015 800 films were made in Hollywood between 886 Directors – only 4.1% were Women”. EntreprenHER creates female stories By Women, For Women, About Women – through the mediums of Theatre, TV and Film. Garnering 5* reviews and awards for ‘Best Female Film’.

Our latest collaborative project “Periods in Pune” will be a direct response to the lack of female opportunity within Contemporary dance whilst also highlighting female issues.

It will be a global project, where we want to reach as many people as possible through bringing Contemporary Dance to the digital sector. We would like the opportunity to partner with Binti as we are looking for an NGO that can give us access to Female-groups in PUNE. Where we Choreograph and work with these females over a span of 3 weeks. Where we can express through movement and contemporary dance their Story, this is rather to empower females and to “Create movement through Movement”

We are already working with BBC, United Nations and Film Birmingham and we are planning on submitting this project for funding and bringing all partners in place. We are looking forwards to hear from you and your thoughts.

Please you could direct our email to the relevant contact in your team. (Email/ contact number)

Kindest Regards
Laura Vanhulle
Artistic Director
Vanhulle Dance Theatre
Tel: 07794703592