How to add facebook events on your page

How to post your events on

You will need to posts your events on your facebook page(not groups ).And email a link to your Facebook page to will share it on (


How to create your trekking group fb page on Facebook?

1) Signup for Facebook (if you have not already made your personal profile .

2) Click more next to pages on the left side of you profile

3) click create a page . Click the last box cause of community . (if you do not have a office address)

4) fill in the details.

How to add Facebook events to your Facebook page ?

1) Click the arrow next to more on the top

2) Click Manage tabs

3) Click add remove tabs

4) Click Add app next to Events

5) To add an event on your facebook page

a) Click Events

b) Click Create Events

c) Enter Title  [Group name ] Trek to [fort name] [Date of event]

d) Enter Date

e) Enter Description

f)click the blue create button